Mild steel frames proven to be up to three times stronger than aluminium.

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Physical properties of mild steel

High tensile strength

High impact strength

Good ductility and weld ability

Good malleability

Product Information3

Our high quality steel profiles we use provide elegant looking slimline door frames and screens without compromising on the durability or performance

Elegant slimline frames for use inside with large glazing frames allowing maximum light

Extremely narrow and aesthetically pleasing profile series with 10mm chamber and 15mm lip dimension

Basic window depth 50mm flush fitted or face fitted

Sound insulation up to bis R 44 (-2:-7 do

Fully weld prepared mitred corners

Product Information

Fully welded mitres

Fully polished and flushed mitred corners

3D welded hinges providing effortless 180 degree opening

Slimline mild steel extrusions providing the classic elegance of metal and glass door

Click on glazing beads

Toughened glazed infill panels as standard

Seamless polyester powder coated finish to a standard RAL colour of your approval to provide a durable and exquisite finish to our steel glass door and screens

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